Solar photovoltaic engineering company. Plants designs and quality control

INGENIA has submitted over 100 engineering designs for a total of more than 172 MW in the last four years, we have performed more than 78 installation inspections and equipment quality control tests, and finished a number of technical due diligence and supervision services for other companies. So that, INGENIA has gained estimable knowledge from PV plants performances in different climatic and geographic locations. We have worked together with developers, investors and lenders and we have gained a great reputation as a leading technical service provider.


In 2005, Ingenia is created by a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians from the energy and construction sectors .

In 2006, WE created our Quality Control Laboratory in order to offer PV module testing and field inspection services.

In 2008, our Engineering office in Almeria got ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certification. Ingenia gained the first contracts for Italy.

In 2009, we gained the contract to manage all O&M supervision services for an important developer in Spain.

In 2010, Ingenia’s Testing Laboratory in Albacete received accreditation from ENAC (Nº 851/LE1535).

In 2011, Ingenia set up offices in California to support the increasing demand for solar energy technical specialists in the US market.


  • Genuine passion for our work and its environmental impact.
  • The leading certification institutions have recognized our commitment to quality and process.
  • We provide the credible and accurate information that both sponsors and lenders need, as we are an independent technical advisor.
  • Our engineers are always finding new ways to increase productivity and reduce costs as they analyse  the data from our laboratory and apply the latest technological  advances . We are progressive thinkers.



jordiJordi Vega Marco

Team Leader
MSc Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain. Over 8 years experience in the design and supervision of engineering projects.

joseJosé Terriza


MSc Mechanical Engineering from UNED, Spain. Over 5 years experience in design of engineering projects.

layoLayo Gorrin

On-site Inspections

MSc Agronomist Engineer from Almeria University, Spain. 15 years experience in construction and O&M supervision of PV projects.

anaAna Garvi

Quality Control

MSc Agronomist Engineer from Castilla-La Mancha University, Spain. Over 5 years experience in quality control, process development and module testing.

germanGerman Moreno

Operation & Maintenance

MSc Mechanical Engineering from Malaga University, Spain. Over 5 years experience in Operation and Maintenance of PV power plants



Mike Fraenkel

Sales & Marketing

BS Industrial Technology, California Polytechnic University SLO. Over 6 years’ experience in solar PV mounting systems.

ivanIvan Arkipoff


MSc Electronic Engineering from ENSERG-INPG, France. Over 8 years experience in photovoltaic industry


shaylaghShaylagh Thiel

Project Management

BSc Civil Engineering, University of Cape Town. Member of Association of Construction PM. 15 years in development, project & construction management.

rahsaanRahsaan Arscott

Sales & Marketing

MSc Industrial Technology Texas Southern University. Over 10 years of experience in renewable energy and PV technology and applications