ISE's dron for thermographies and workfields on solar plants

ISE incorporates an aircraft piloted by remote control (RPA) of high benefits to its professional equipment.

Ingenia Solar Energy obtains its official accreditation as a RPAs operator, being able to carry out technical or scientific work in accordance with current legislation.

The team consists of professionals trained and accredited by the State Air Safety Agency, whose standards and requirements for this type of aircraft, pilots and operators are among the highest and most demanding worldwide.

The aircraft consists of visual and thermal sensors, which combined will optimize the inspection work, both in a timely manner and periodically, increasing the capacity and performance in Commissioning work and start up.

Also thanks to the capacity of acquisition and processing of geospatial data, they are useful for their use in surveying, monitoring, quality control, surveillance and security as well as aerial reporting, among others.

With this type of unmanned aerial vehicles or dron, its applications and future developments, ISE advances in the new standards of the 4.0 Industry.