ISE acquires a new aerial photogrammetric mapping system

ISE acquires a new aerial photogrammetric mapping system

Drone ISE

Our company has acquired a new drone, which will allow us to expand even more our analysis capacity when we study the terrain where the PV projects in which we participate are located.

This new fixed-wing RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) system, along with the most advanced post-process software, will provide geospatial information by using photogrammetric techniques with the capacity of obtaining digital models from the surface, orthophotos and digital elevation models with centimetric sampling resolutions.

Its features exceed the current safety and control standards, which allows for extending its range of functional performance in different ambient and operational environments, keeping the level of risk for this type of operations under control, and being able to cover areas up to 2 km² per flight.

ISE adds this solution in the remote sensing field to the current tools for aerial works, which have included visual inspection, photography and 4K video for the last two years, and also high-resolution infrared thermography.