ISE at the forefront of Innovation Technology with the creation of a sustainable garden in ALMERÍA

ISE at the forefront of Innovation Technology with the creation of a sustainable garden in ALMERÍA

ISE members Mela Garcí, Paco Pino Ernesto Miras associates SUNREGARD presentation project

ISE members Mela García, Paco Pino, Ernesto Miras and associates at the SUNREGARD Media presentation

During the energy self-consumption revolution in Spain, we are pleased to announce that we will participate in the Sun Reflection Garden´s project (SUNREGARD) based in a neighborhood of Los Almendros, Almería. It is a project with a strong innovative and technological character that is part of our strategic vision towards the future of self-sufficiency and energy innovation. At ISE, we have led this new technological habitat, which is developed within the innovative Urban Actions program (UIA) and in Collaboration with the City Council of Almería, Cruz Roja (Red Cross), Fundación Cajamar and CIESOL.


SUNREGARD, with an extension of 7000 sqm and supported by the funds of the European program UIA, is born like a project of high quality of design that is developed in Almería, but than can be replicated in any other city, allowing also its population to have the opportunity to be trained from the construction point to the maintenance phase. In words of the Project supervisor ISE Mela Garcia, “It is an urban action that seeks to make a self-sustainable plot that is abandoned today presenting an engineering design that can be implemented in any other neighborhood of the city.” For this pilot project, which will serve as a precedent in Spain for future initiatives that seek the regeneration of disadvantaged territories or public spaces in cities, we have chosen the use of bifacial PV modules that use the albedo of a high-level reflective, and a porous tile in order to offer the proper water absorption. In this way, with a flexible coplanar module, the energy demand for the desired building is achieved. This idea of high-quality design is crucial in cities where there is no great solar reflection of the terrain.


This technological project focuses on biodiversity, but the fundamental requirement is to serve as a tapestry to the slope without causing shadows in the pergola. To promote functional biodiversity in the SUNREGARD garden, we have proposed the creation of nests of birds and bats, along with insect hotels that favor pollination at any time of the year. Therefore, the architecture of the installation will bring on the construction of a promenade area with 1,500 sqm of surface and 150 meters of green zones, in addition to achieving minimize the emissions of CO2 equivalent to 82 houses or 60 cars.


In this way, at ISE we become one of the most flexible design engineers and one of the most avant-garde technological innovation plans. Our engineers and technicians have managed to confer a new adaptable use to this underutilized soil that will take advantage of solar photovoltaic energy. For the technical design of the project and technological innovation, it has been vital the responsibility of the engineer Ernesto Miras. In the same way, the management of the project with the agents involved, the public institutions and European funds was carried out by the engineer Mela García, head of business development at ISE, also carrying out the official project presentation to the media, along with Ernesto Miras and Paco Pino. With this kind of projects, we demonstrate our Commitment to a Strategy of Corporate social Responsibility that helps in the social aspects that affect, in this case, the population of Los Almendros, helping for the recovery of the environment, keeping them away from marginality and promoting its integration in the city.