Thermal inspection

The ISE commissioning team has launched two photovoltaic solar plants in the state of Piauí (Brazil), with a total of about 70 MWp, carrying out the thermal inspection of both projects with its own remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS / Drone).

Ingenia Solar Energy (ISE), the engineering company of Group Gransolar, has inspected 216,256 modules of the plants Sobral (34.7 MWp) and Sertao (34.7 MWp), which cover a total of 160 hectares, with the purpose of detecting and identifying thermal incidents in the PV modules, within the commissioning phase prior to the start-up of both projects.

The application of this technology allows time and cost savings in photovoltaic projects, which has lead to a reduction on the time of inspection of these two plants from about 70 to 10 days.

The work has been carried out in accordance with the Brazilian legislation, which required obtaining the certificate issued by the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), which enables PVH Brasil Projetos Renovaveis Ltda., a Brazilian subsidiary of Group Gransolar, to carry out these drone flights until 2019. In addition, the corresponding authorizations have been obtained from the Air Space Control Department of the Brazilian Ministry of Defense.

The company worked on site in coordination with another operator that carried out aerial works in the plants on behalf of the client, GPG (a subsidiary of Gas Natural Fenosa), fullfilling all the conditions in terms of security of operations.