Mela García at Almería Emprende

ISE participates in the Almería Emprende conference

Demonstrating our intention to strengthen sustainable entrepreneurship, from ISE we attended the conference Almería Emprende as a “case of sustainable entrepreneurship from the Technology Park of Almeria (PITA), held during the second week of February, to present the various lines of action that we are carrying out in our commitment to energy transformation to renewable forms that contribute to the fight against climate change. During the intervention of our Business Development Director, Mela Garcia, the attendees were able to see first hand the different activities in which we work daily to ensure the excellence of our facilities.

Our commitment to the energy transition inspired us to create a program of innovation and entrepreneurship. As Mela explained, our philosophy branches out into three core ideas:

  • Creating a differentiating character. At ISE, we are pursuing the 2030 goal by creating a program that uses photovoltaic solar energy so that, for example, electric cars can be charged without collapsing the grid. On the other hand, and although it is not innovative in itself, we are working on hybridization with storage. The difference is that these battery systems are sustainable because they are non-invasive and non-polluting. In that sense, we are also promoting the creation of recharging points in the city, even inside gas stations, so that any citizen can have access.
  • To be consistent with the objective, we must reduce costs, especially in production times. To this end, at ISE we have developed our own software which, when an investment fund has the need to study whether it can use a certain plot or a photovoltaic development, facilitates access to the data that clarifies a series of external factors and conditioning factors. At ISE, we have currently managed to reduce the analysis period to three or four weeks or just one, so that our clients can make a decision in a few days and, therefore, be able to position themselves in the market.
  • Research to be at the forefront of all aspects of the photovoltaic market. Having an R+D+i department like the one we have at ISE is crucial for providing solutions to problems that may arise in the future. For example, from our technical office, research has been carried out that has allowed us to create dry cleaning systems, with the aim of guaranteeing the production of our installations in desert terrain, where there is reduced access to water sources and where dust generates a dirt that makes maintenance difficult.

The Almería Emprende conferences serve as an annual boost to companies that, like ISE, work day after day to improve the present and future situation of a sector that is called to mark the energy roadmap for the coming decades.