ISE starts the 53 kW self-consumption installation in Almafrut’s facilities

ISE starts the 53 kW self-consumption installation in Almafrut’s facilities

Self-consumption ISE Almafrut

ISE starts a self-consumption installation of 53 kW in Almafrut

After announcing the 100 kW that has already started its installation in Cuevas de Almanzora, ISE continues to increase its self-consumption turnover with a new 53 kW installation in Vícar, Almería. Executed by ISE as an EPC for the energy services company, The Sun First, 40% of the electromechanical assembly work on the roof has been advanced. The project, located in the Almafrut facilities, has a total of 160 PV modules of 330W, mounted on a coplanar structure.

It should be noted that Almeria is the province with the highest solar irradiation in Spain, so the energy production of our facilities guarantees our customers a higher and faster return on investment, as well as a significant drop in the electricity bill. Among other benefits of self-consumption that ISE installs, is the financing of projects: ISE offers financing plans for up to 100% of the installation.

Almafrut, specialists in machinery, packing and bottling of fruit and vegetables, has relied on  ISE’s experience, knowledge and high quality levels to develop and install a self-consumption project that will generate after the year more than 80,000 kWh of energy, and is estimated to mean an annual saving for the client of more than 7,000 euros.

During the second week, the inverter assembly phase will begin, as well as the wiring and electrical conduits phase, which will account for the remaining 60% of the installation, which must be connected to the grid within three weeks. We continue to build a cleaner future through the cheapest renewable energy to produce.