ISE self-consumption energy installation

ISE starts the installation of 100 kW of self-consumption in Almeria

ISE continues to strengthen its self-consumption business line with a new 100 kW installation in Cuevas de Almanzora, Almería, which has already advanced 40% of the electromechanical assembly work on the roof. Executed by ISE as EPCM for the company Frutas Hermanos López Sánchez, the project has a total of 300 AMERISOLAR PV modules of 330W, mounted on a mixed coplanar and inclined structure.

Frutas Hermanos López Sanchez, specialists in the marketing of stone fruit and fruit in general, has relied on ISE‘s experience, knowledge and high quality levels to develop and install a self-consumption project that will generate more than 150,000 kWh of energy at the end of the year, estimating an annual saving for the client of around 14,000 euros.

During the second week, the inverter assembly phase will begin, as well as the wiring and electrical conduits phase, which will account for the remaining 60% of the installation, which must be connected to the grid within four weeks. With a good dimensioning adapted to the client’s demand and needs, carried out by an engineering company specialized in photovoltaic energy, at ISE we manage to reduce energy costs up to 40%. Our commitment to the generation of renewable and sustainable energy, encourages us to continue taking steps forward in pursuit of a cleaner planet.