Resources of Ingenia Solar Energy

Photovoltaic projects

PV module conformity testing certifies that solar panels adjust to international quality standards and will last in an outdoor environment for their awaited life span. Validation and verification tests need specific instrumentation to complete. We invest in newest specialist equipment to make certain that our laboratory technicians and engineers have the best tools to produce the best results.


-Class AAA solar simulator which is used to measure:

  •  Maximum power of PV modules (according to section 10.2 of the standard UNE-EN 61215:2005 / IEC 61646:2008)
  •  Performance at low irradiance (according to section 10.7 of the standard UNE-EN 61215:2005 / IEC 61646:2008)
  •  Performance of temperature and irradiance corrections (according to IEC 60891:1994)
  •  I-V curve (according to IEC 60904-1:2006)
  •  PV module references (according to IEC 60904-6:1994)

– Thermographic cameras and power supply which are used to detect resistive hot-spots during the thermographic Inspection.

– Electric insulation resistance tester which is used to perform the Insulation Test (according to section 10.3 of the standard UNE-EN 61215:2005 / IEC 61646:2008).

– I-V Curve tracer which is used to check electrical strings of PV Modules on-site (according to IEC 60904-1:2006).

– Irradiance and temperature meters, power analyzer and       amperimetric clamps which are used to check the PV plant performance on-site.


Our LABORATORY is able of testing 200 PV modules per week. The laboratory can effortlessly organize the receipt, storage and transfer of large PV panels from multiple clients, suppliers and locations.

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Our REMOTE OPERATIONS CENTRE (ROC) at Albacete administers and monitors the achievement of PV systems all year long. This Centre is composed by a team of technicians that employ high performance computer hardware and software upgraded constantly to ensure the best performance.

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