Engineering, audit, quality control, laboratory and commissioning

We understand that the photovoltaic industry is crucial to constantly lower the Levelized Cost Of Electricity (LCOE) and in this way become a more competitive energy source and at last reach Grid-Parity. Ingenia`s Services are particulary conceived to fullfil with that need and precisely operate on all the variables that can drive the Levelized Cost of Electricity down.



  • Assessment of solar resource and electricity production
  • Preliminary design and engineering of photovoltaic plants
  • Detailed engineering of photovoltaic plants…Read more


  • Module factory inspection
  • Inspection and testing of PV modules in the laboratory
  • Inspection and testing of PV plants
  • Control of PV module degradation
  • Remote Monitoring of PV plants….Read more


  • Technical and administrative due-diligence
  • Supervision of construction phase
  • Supervision of Operation & Maintenance
  • Preliminary Acceptance Test (PAT) and Final Acceptance Test (FAT)
  • Analysis of monitoring data….Read more


INGENIA SOLAR ENERGY LABORATORY performs the following tests:

  • Visual inspection (section 10.1 of the standard UNE-EN 1215:2005 / IEC 61646:2008).
  • Thermographic inspection (internal procedure).
  • Insulation test (section 10.3 of the standard UNE-EN 61215:2005 / IEC 61646:2008).
  • Maximum power determination (section 10.2 of the standard UNE-EN 61215:2005 / IEC 61646:2008).
  • Performance at low irradiance (section 10.7 of the standard UNE-EN 61215:2005 / IEC 61646:2008)…. Read more


The commissioning assistance in photovoltaic plants projects, as well as quality control of PV plants, are essential for keeping the efficiency of energetic production as high as possible during the life-time of the plant. It is fundamental to inspect the PV plant and check its performance.

INGENIA COMMISSIONING has qualified personnel for the performance of inspection of photovoltaic modules, review of proceedings, contracts and projects, production estimates and performance checking and inspections of PV plants.

We perform work in both the pre-commissioning and commissioning in the framework of IEC 62446. Such that we check the correct operation, safety and compliance of performance of the PV system… Read more