Audit – Technical assistance | ISE Solutions

Technical and administrative due-diligence

Our technical due-diligence includes an evaluation of a proposed site, an assessment of plant equipment and a technical review of the project. Our administrative due-diligence includes assistance with licenses, permits and authorizations in order to qualify for registration and receive
access to feed-in tariffs.

Supervision of construction phase

Independent construction supervision is a valuable aid in photovoltaic solar power plant assembly irrespective of power plant size due to the involvement of many companies. Ingenia will visit the project site to check progress and construction milestones specified in the EPC contract.

Supervision of Operation & Maintenance

A PV plant can suffer loss of revenue due to inefficient repairs and maintenance during its lifetime. Professional supervision of operations can reduce this risk significantly.

Preliminary Acceptance Test (PAT) and Final Acceptance Test (FAT)

Ingenia will certify completion of a project by inspecting that the PV plant construction complies with the technical designs and Specifications.

Analysis of monitoring data

Our technicians can analyse data provided by our clients and their distribution company to compare actual v expected production as well as review any incidents and solutions to assess their effectiveness.