The commissioning assistance in photovoltaic plants projects, as well as quality control of PV plants, are essential for keeping the efficiency of energetic production as high as possible during the life-time of the plant. It is fundamental to inspect the PV plant and check its performance.

INGENIA COMMISSIONING has qualified personnel for the performance of inspection of photovoltaic modules, review of proceedings, contracts and projects, production estimates and performance checking and inspections of PV plants.

We perform work in both the pre-commissioning and commissioning in the framework of IEC 62446. Such that we check the correct operation, safety and compliance of performance of the PV system.

Commissioning Procedures list:

  •  001. Visual inspection of PV modules.
  •  002. Thermographic inspection of PV modules.
  •  003. Verification of support structures.
  •  004. Verification of cable installation.
  •  005. Verification of general cabling.
  •  006. Verification of weather stations.
  •  007. Verification of the monitoring system.
  •  008. Verification of the security system.
  •  009. DC polarity and continuity.
  •  010. V oc , I sc measurement and insulation resistance test.
  •  011. Verification of DC LV insulation resistance.
  •  012. Verification of combiner boxes.
  •  013. Supervision of MV meggering cables.
  •  014. Thermograph of electrical connections.
  •  015. Supervision of ground resistance measuring.
  •  016. Signage of risk areas.​
  •  017. Measurements of voltage drop in DC lines.
  •  018. Verification of inverter efficiency and operation.
  •  019. Verification of auxiliary services.
  •  020. Supervision of civil works.
  •  021. Verification of infrastructure (buildings).
  •  022. Verification of power peak installed, sorting and mapping.
  •  023. Verification of performance test.
  •  024. Verification of contracted capacity test

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