Assessment of solar resource and electricity ProductionISE Engineering

Our engineers prepare site evaluations which include:

  • an assessment of the production capability of a location by investigating the potential
  • irradiation using international databases and local meteorological stations;
  • a review of the proposed PV installation configuration and module distribution to generate production estimates;
  • performance ratio analyses and electricity production calculations using PVSYST software;
  • estimated electricity production over the lifetime of the PV plant taking into consideration module degradation and variability of solar irradiation

Preliminary design and engineering of photovoltaic plants

  • Our engineers design bespoke solutions to maximise yield for a particular site by identifying the technological components, modules, inverters, structures and materials most appropriate to a specific project and geographical location.

Detailed engineering of photovoltaic plants

  • We provide a detailed engineering package including civil works, structural design, layout, electrical schematics. Our engineering process is focused on optimizing performance and production of the PV power plants.